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I watched my country turn into a coast-to-coast strip mall
and I cried out in a song:
If we could do all that in thirty years,
then please tell me you all --
Why does good change take so long?

Greg Brown, The Poet Game


Spring 2016

Introduction to Philosophy

Understanding and Defending the Preference for Native Species (Draft) for Bernice Bovenkerk and Jozef Keulartz, eds., Animals in Our Midst: The Challenges of Co-existing with Animals in the Anthropocene

(Introduction to) “Ecoterrorism” forthcoming in Ben Hale and Andrew Light, eds., Routledge Companion to Environmental Ethics (November, 2019)

Naturalness, Wild Animal Suffering, and Palmer on Laissez-Faire (2018)
Abstract Video

Abstract, “Evaluating Positive Aesthetics”
Journal of Aesthetic Education (Fall, 2017)

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