In the contemporary world the extinction of Homo sapiens would be beneficial to the Earth's Community of Life. The destruction of natural habitats by housing developments, industrial complexes, and airports would cease. The poisoning of soil and pollution of rivers would come to an end. The Earth would no longer have to suffer (the results of) modern technology, uncontrolled population growth, and wasteful consumption. Life communities would gradually be restored to their former healthy state. Tropical forests would again be able to make their full contribution to a life-sustaining atmosphere for the whole planet. The lakes, oceans, and wetlands of the world would slowly become clean again. Spilled oil, plastic trash, and even radioactive waste, after many centuries might finally cease doing their terrible work.

Given the disappearance of homo sapiens, not only would the Earth's Community of life continue to exist but in all probability its well-being would be enhanced. Our presence, in short, is not needed. If we were to take the standpoint of that Life Community and give voice to its true interest, the ending of the human epoch on Earth would most likely be greeted with a hearty "Good riddance!"

Paul Taylor, Respect for Nature (1986)